Mothers are superwomen who are always with us to save the day. From school homework to adulting advice, mothers have the perfect solutions for our every question. They prioritize us before everything and make us feel special throughout our lives. It is important to reciprocate the feeling because they deserve to be felt special too. Mothers indeed appreciate anything we give them, but by putting a little bit of thought into it, we can gift them something useful and filled with love. There is no day better than your mother’s birthday to surprise her with a gift. To save you time, we have made a list of thoughtful gifts you can purchase from online stores in the UAE.  

  1. Bags  

Despite your mother is a working woman or a homemaker, bags are one of the best gifts for your mom. She would love a designer bag that can carry some travel essentials. If you are buying designer bags, it is better to buy them from online stores to get the best offers. If your mother prefers to wear lighter or neutral colors, you can gift her a bag with a brighter shade to contrast her outfits. You can also customize handmade bags to make them more special. If you are on a budget, try a DIY tote bag with a personal touch to it.  

     2. Neck and Back massagers  

Mothers carry the whole weight of the family on their backs, and they often will not get enough time to take care of themselves. If your mother is a working professional, continuous sitting might be stressing out her neck and back. As busy mothers, they might not get a day off to visit a spa and relax their bodies and mind. You can gift them with neck and back massagers which they can attach to their personal chairs.  

    3. Dress  

People always love new clothes in their wardrobe. There are great collections of tops and blouses available at online fashion stores for people of all ages. You can easily buy ladies' dresses online in UAE at great offers.  

  4.Customized bracelets  

If your mother is someone who likes to wear accessories, a bracelet would be an excellent choice. A plain bracelet might look a little boring. But you can customize it with personalized messages imprinted on it. Customized bracelets are available in online stores, and you can buy them at different price ranges.  


You can never go wrong with plants! They are a perfect gift for any occasion. If your mother likes gardening, as most mothers do, gift her with her favorite plant species. You can also find your mother’s birth flower or a plant that resonates with her aesthetic to make the gift more meaningful.  

   6.A masterclass membership  

That is quite a different thought than ordinary gifts. There is no age limit for learning. Ask your mother about the skill she always wanted to learn. It might be dancing, gardening, or anything under the sun. You can buy her a premium masterclass membership of her desired skill and she can learn at her pace.  

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